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Visit: Guerilla Cafe Southeast Asian Cuisine Night

This might be the beginning of a new series, called “Visit”. Or something. Anyways. One of my friends Eduardo sent me an invite to an event he would be taken part of. I wasn’t sure what kind of event it was, but it was at Guerilla Cafe on Shattuck, which is literally two blocks away from me. And usually people go there for coffee, not often food (Junnipur). But I have heard about good food coming out of this cafe, and since a friend was going to be a part of that, my friends and I had to check it out.

Usually a Cafe, but well equipped to handle a sizable good dinner service

I’ve been to this cafe several times before, it has very lovely coffee even though I do not pretend to know anything about coffee. I especially love the interior; it has a warm bar type feel from the layout. But being greeted with smiles is always a plus. It’s a small place, but it can easily pull a large crowd

I couldn’t stop at looking at the bubbles!

Always appreciate somewhere I can have a drink and have great food–surprising hard to find that around my area. Given the opportunity, I started with the “Lychee Champange”, which I found extremely entertaining. Why? Because watching the bubbles from your drink behave like a volcano is awesome. But not only that, one dollar Tecate! I knew we would be there for some time. But we were more excited looking at the menu. The menu I would describe the menu as rightfully southasian yet edgy. Raymond ordered the shrimp , which was “Coconut Shrimp: tiger shrimp dipped in homemade paprika batter and tossed in flakes of coconut/ panko mix. Served with cucumber salad and tamarind., lime , garlic dipping sauce.” Man, I had a bite, and it was awesome. I had to even ask the lovely Alina how she made the sauce. I was really jealous that I had not ordered the shrimp for myself.

So good I had to ask for the recipe

I had the Arroz Valenciana Chicken “Asian style twist to Paella with
Tamarind coconut chicken thigh and pork sausage in a baked yellow spanish style jasmine rice.” The dish surprised me by the use of dill. I love dill, but rarely use it. It really fit the profile of the dish. The chicken was perfectly done and seasoned well. It felt very new but homey at the same time. There is something great about eating great food in a very cut-loose environment, where you feel everyone knows each other like  in Cheers.

Quite generous proportions right?

I did not know Guerilla Cafe offered their professional kitchen everything Thursdays for events like this one. Amazing idea. I might have to take advantage of this when a proper menu comes to mind. Check it the cafe if you’re in Berkeley, it’s definitely worth your time!

– Please note if you find yourself in my photos and wish to be credited, please do so!


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