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Herring Moose

I always like giving someone new a try. Btw doesn’t that crisped herring skin look awesome?!

I’ve never had herring before. Yesterday, I put smoked herring on a pizza and it was amazing. I might post pictures of that. But I was thinking of maybe making a sandwich with the rest of the herring I had, but I remember something I wanted to try with herring . In an interview with Aussie (Oy oy oy!) actress Yvonne Strahovski (from Chuck) mentioned a Polish New Years tradition with herring. You eat raw herring, with raw onions and then take a shot of vodka. I though that sounded gross, only because I hate vodka har har. But I’m always down to try things; I am especially interested in how all that would taste. So this is me trying out the tradition, in the form of moose.

I’m using smoked herring (from Trader Joes), mayonnaise, lemon zest, onions, chives, cilantro, and a drip of vodka. Just blend herring with a little bit of mayo, lemon zest, onions, and pepper (it was already salty) and a drip of vodka. Then fold in finely chopped chives and cilantro. I thought it was good, and very interesting. The dripple of vodka with onions gives it like a horseradish effect. And everything else balances the fishiness. Really good. Try it and see.  I would recommend omitting the vodka. That’s just me experimenting.


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