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Quick Nom: Mushroom Flautas

Not a bad lunch

This isn’t anything special, just wanted some lunch and quickly pulled this together. My friends and I went to Chevy’s last week, and one of them ordered Flautas. So that’s where I got the idea.  I didn’t have much in the fridge so I basically threw the scraps of whatever I had into the filling.

I just sauteed mushrooms, bacon, cabbage, and onions in a pan. It wasn’t a lot, so I just threw in some rice and some tomato paste to basically make more filling. Pretty ghetto.  I seasoned everything with oregano, chili powder, cumin and let it cool a bit before handling.

Assembly is simple. Just put the filling in a flour tortilla, roll it up like a burrito, and fry. I didn’t want to fry them, so I just brushed them with olive oil and baked them instead at 375F.  Had this with some refried beans and chips and salsa. Not the greatest lunch but a cool idea nonetheless. I would prefer actual Taquitos with corn tortilla. I’m not sure if that’s the distinction or not. Makes for a pretty good picture I have say.


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