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Perfect French Spinach Omelette

Jacque Pepin would say do it again

The omelette, simple concept, but probably the most difficult thing to make. Sure you can throw in beaten eggs in a pan, but if you don’t want it to be thick, dense, and rubbery, you have to do it the french way. I always knew the idea behind the perfect omelette, homogeneously yellow without browning and creamy in the inside. It was only after watching Jacque Pepin’s show Essential Pepin that I really understood how much work it takes. So let me explain the philosophy.

When you beat the eggs, you want to do it enough to make the egg whites and yolks to be completely mixed, but not over mixed. I beat the eggs with a fork until it is only yellow and consistent texture. If you look at my picture, there are a few spots of white. I would be murdered for this in a Parisian kitchen.

When you cook, the non-stick pan should be on medium-low, medium heat. Add a little bit of olive oil to just make a thin later over the pan. Add the eggs, and watch the cooking process. As the bottom becomes solid, pull the edges in so that the uncooked liquid replaces the empty space. Don’t be afraid to lift and shake the pan. Once most of the liquid on top is gone (the top should be wet still), take it off the heat and cover for 1 minute. Then I uncover and add my filling– in this case I have some Monterey Jack, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Spinach, and Basil. Then cover and return to the heat for another minute. At this point, it is slightly over cooked, but the time it will take you to plate it, it will be cooked perfectly.

To rolled it out, take a spatula and loosen the sides, and loosen the entire thing by combination of shaking and picking. Once freed, fold a third of it inward, and slide and roll onto a plate. I can’t give you specific directions, but that’s the idea.

The reason why it’s so good and creamy is that the egg inside is tempered enough to eat, and without browning you really get that egg flavor. To me its the same idea behind a really well done rare steak. Just be patient and good luck !


One comment on “Perfect French Spinach Omelette

  1. Food Critic
    January 25, 2012

    Impressive, for an omlette that is! Nice plate arrangement too.

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