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Cajun Stuffed Bell Pepper

Another quick dinner

Once again I found myself with scarce amounts of food. Luckily I had some frozen pork shoulder and bell peppers. Cajun food is one of my favorites, so I decided to make bell peppers stuffed with “dirty rice,”–I wasn’t sure if it was actually called dirty rice, but I looked it up and it was right. Dirty rice from my understanding was rice made with the unfavorable parts of meats, like liver etc. to give it more flavor. I basically did the same with some pork skin and a bit of pâté I had left over. Sounds gross but it added a ton of flavor. Although it could have used some parsley or cilantro. Some simple things to keep in mind: if you want a firmer stuffing, add bread crumbs and an egg to your stuffing. If you don’t want your bell pepper to burn in the over (I put it on 400 F), put some liquid at the bottom of the baking dish.


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This entry was posted on December 8, 2011 by in Chicken, Dinner.

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