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Thanksgiving Holiday Meal in Pebble Beach

So I (Robert) have been in Monterey for Thanksgiving and I just returned to lovely Berkeley (with new glasses!). I figured a post was due. Ryan and I both had alot of things made for Thanksgiving dinner, but I want to share with you all a meal that our friend CP wanted. He didn’t have any specific requests, but he wanted to make something with us. So we invited some friends over for  quite the lunch. Just have to note that I was not very helpful with ideas of what to make, according to Ryan at the store. But this is what we all came up with.

First starter, served with a Chardonnay.

This is all CP’s idea. He wanted to start with some oysters and wine. So we dressed some oysters up with some lemon, Tabasco sauce, and garlic.

Bacon makes everything better. This was served with a Merlot.

My contribution. We needed some greens so I suggested this Brown Sugar Candied-ish Bacon Wrapped Asparagus. Ya I cheated with Bacon, but who’s complaining. The asparagus cooked for a bit too long (due to the bacon), so it wasn’t as rigid as I hoped.

This portion was for LUNCH. That's what happens when guys plan a meal.

This is what we were really working on. A huge Pork Chop stuffed with apples, onions, and mushrooms.Ryan made a Concord Grape glaze to accompany the dish. Best.

Would have had more Pumpking Bread Pudding, but after all the above-pictured food, I was super full.

Also as sides, we have a Onion and Bacon Mac n’ Cheese (top) and Pumpkin Bread Pudding (bottom). We forgot that our friend Ryan H. is allergic to all nuts, so he couldn’t have any of the bread pudding. Our bad.


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