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Sardine Risotto

Hope yall like sardines.

This is the what happens when I literally have nothing to eat; Using ingredients from the pantry, I made this risotto from canned sardines, frozen shrimp, and spinach. Tasted like a very fishy paella, but was definitely a good quick dish. The unexpected part of this dish was the fact that the sardine fillets basically dissolved, but you could still get the fish meat texture (like tuna salad) and taste.


2 comments on “Sardine Risotto

  1. Food Critic
    November 11, 2011

    Hi, I’m an accomplished food critic. This is a great dish…even for me!

    • rrfoods
      November 11, 2011

      Thanks! It did leave a sardine smell in the kitchen for a while thought…

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This entry was posted on November 8, 2011 by in Dinner.

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